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This is an international website for NERLYNX® dedicated to Healthcare Professionals.

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Pierre Fabre engagements

Oncology: a priority for Pierre Fabre

Pioneers in the field of oncology, today Pierre Fabre makes this a priority research area and is involved in the fight against cancer throughout the world.

The objective of our cancer research is to improve the treatment of patients suffering from pathologies for which there are significant unmet therapeutic needs, always staying true to the group's values, and with the objective of contributing to the better-being of individuals.

Pierre Fabre provides therapeutic solutions to treat different types of cancer:

  • Melanomas by oral targeted therapy
  • Colorectal cancers by oral targeted therapy
  • Lung cancers by intravenous or oral chemotherapy
  • Breast cancers by intravenous, oral chemotherapy, or oral targeted therapy
  • Bladder cancers by intravenous chemotherapy

To go even further in cancer research, we target fields where there are major medical needs: solid tumors and liquid tumors (leukemias). In 2015 we initiated a process of transforming our activities to establish a pipeline of future treatments, both via partnership agreements with biotechs and research laboratories, and by accelerating our internal research.

Learn more on Pierre Fabre Corporate Website

Focus on breast cancer: Pierre Fabre commitment to breast cancer awareness and prevention

Let's go pink #pierrefabregoesepink

In October, all over the world,
Pierre Fabre teams go pink!

Pink October is a global breast cancer awareness campaign that aims to raise awareness on the importance of early detection of breast cancer.

We mobilize our forces throughout this month to raise awareness among as many people as possible and thus actively participate in the fight against breast cancer. All of our affiliates around the world are therefore committed to a wide range of actions

Here are a few examples of actions implemented and supported locally by our affiliates, often in partnership with patient or caregiver associations that work on a daily basis to improve the well-being and care of patients:

  • Self-testing training sessions
  • Participation in sporting events (races, walks...)
  • Organization of conferences Days in Pink
  • Balloon releases
  • Etc...

Green Mission Pierre Fabre

Our company has its roots in plants, and nature is still our main source of inspiration, day after day; protecting it is a duty.

Today, around 40% of our sales depend on resources derived from the plant world. Over 240 plants are used in the Group's products. We are convinced that nature is still a wonderful area for exploration, and that nature will indeed provide the pharmaceuticals and treatments of the future. However, although nature belongs to no one, it is our responsibility to take care of it. We are responsible for using it wisely, allowing it to regenerate, doing everything possible to protect endangered species, promoting botanical engineering and passing on our passion for plants to the younger generations. Through various initiatives conducted since the creation of the company, we undertake to put the meaning behind the Green Mission Pierre Fabre approach into practice, day after day.

This approach is organized into five pillars:

  • Nature as a source of innovation,
  • Ethical sourcing,
  • A local presence all over the world,
  • Low environmental impact,
  • The meaning of our actions and respect for people.

It reflects our eco-friendly and socially responsible commitment to sustainable innovation benefitting both nature and people.

Learn more on Pierre Fabre Corporate Website


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